SureSend and Dapris

SureSend is a product of Dapris Limited.

Dapris provides practical digital tools and services for the management of data.

Privacy and Security

SureSend was developed and is operated by Genus One Ltd on behalf of Dapris. Genus One is a Cyber Essentials certified provider of information security solutions.

Dapris is a data controller for information stored and processed through SureSend and Genus One is a data processor. For further details of how users' and their clients' personal data is managed within SureSend, please read our Privacy Notice.

The Company

Dapris Limited is a company registered in England with registration number 10878941.

Dapris Limited, Union House, 111 New Union Street, Coventry, England, CV1 2NT.

SureSend System (c) Dapris Ltd 2020