Secure file transfers from your clients

If you ask your clients to send their personal information by email attachment you could be putting their data at risk.

Plain email between different accounts is inherently insecure.

For compliance with data protection legislation a business needs to use appropriate technical security measures to protect the information of its clients. Sending documents as email attachments does not satisfy this fundamental requirement.

SureSend lets you securely exchange documents containing sensitive personal and financial information.

How SureSend works:

  1. Request a file upload from one of your clients
  2. Your client uploads their file to SureSend using a secure connection
  3. Files are encrypted within SureSend using keys that are unique to your account
  4. Only the account holder can decrypt and securely download the files

The simplicity of SureSend is that your clients do not need to register with the service in order to upload files to you.

Sending files to your clients works in a similar way and you can request an optional authentication step to verify the identity of recipients.


  • Compliant with data protection legislation
  • Simple
  • Cloud application
  • No installation required

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